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Ohio School Counselor Accountability Report (OSCAR)

The Ohio School Counselor Accountability Report (OSCAR) recognizes the completion of an exemplary OSCAR. The OSCAR is a continuous improvement document that shows the effectiveness of a school counselor. The OSCAR is both an award and a concise presentation of the highlights of the school counseling program.

OSCA has created an OSCAR Development Manual that provides helpful tips on how to create your own OSCAR. It also includes a rubric to ensure you include all necessary parts, a template to help streamline your OSCAR creation and much more! We also have a YouTube video that further explains how to use the template and sample OSCAR's from other states to review.

OSCAR Submission Details

OSCAR submissions will be accepted and reviewed one time during the year, with a due date of April 30. If you wish for your OSCAR to be reviewed for feedback (before final submission), you may submit it one time between April 1-7. Reviews will not be accepted outside of this window. After the OSCAR committee has approved your report, you will have the opportunity to be recognized at the All Ohio Counselors Conference and your document will receive an official OSCAR designation. If your OSCAR does not have all of the recommended details, you will receive feedback and recommendations for revision. All submissions must be uploaded to our Awards website under "Other Awards".

And the 2023 OSCAR Goes To ...

Blendon Middle School

Briggs High School

Celina Elementary/Intermediate School

Como Elementary School

Granby Elementary School

Heskett Middle School

Hilltonia Middle School

Independence High School

Indian Springs Elementary School

Liberty Elementary School

North Linden Elementary School

Park Street Intermediate School / (614) 401-4642 / PO Box 537, Archbold, OH 43502

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