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Supervision of School Counselor Interns

As you will recall from your own professional training, the purpose of field experiences is to provide students with school counseling practice while they are learning how to become effective school counselors.  Field experiences provide school counseling students with opportunities to practice individual and small group counseling skills, consultation, collaboration and teaming, advocacy and leadership skills taught in graduate programs. 

OSCA encourages all practicing school counselors to give back to the profession by serving as a school counseling internship site.  If interested, contact one of the universities in your area about having an intern.  Click here to see a list of school counseling graduate programs in Ohio.

Benefits of Supervision
  • Contributes to the profession by training new professionals
  • Invigorates your work by re-experiencing the joy of learning
  • Provides you with well-trained colleagues
  • Enhances your connection with the training program
  • May count toward your license renewal
  • May provide you with tuition credit toward coursework
Common Requirements for Supervision (CACREP Requirements)
  • Masters degree from CACREP program or program with supervised practicum and internship
  • Certified school counselor in the state
  • 2 years of experience in current assignment
  • Active/involved with professional associations (ACA, ASCA, OCA, OSCA)
Common Site Requirements
  • Comprehensive developmental program (ASCA National Model)
  • Appropriate space for counseling (confidentiality)
  • Ability/equipment to audiotape or videotape for supervision
  • Diverse student population
Expectations of Supervision
  • Provide orientation, structure and direction to student activities on site
  • Assist student in gaining parental permissions
  • Assist student in locating counselees and group members
  • Weekly meetings with student on site
  • Weekly review of tapes or in-vivo supervision
  • Feedback to student about both clinical and administrative skills
  • Written feedback at midterm (w/ student) and final (student and faculty)
  • Possible visit(s) with faculty to discuss student progress

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